Stream Live FAQs

YES! It is your platform. Just make sure to read the documentation before changing the theme.

Category: Stream Live

Stream Live does not have courseware pre-installed. You can sell video downloads through Stream Live, but to drip course content or have online classes you need to add plugins to your Stream Live platform.

Category: Stream Live

Yes, you will need to your own domain to use Stream Live.

Category: Stream Live

It’s how you accept payment. Examples: Stripe, PayPal, Square, etc. are payment gateways.

Category: Stream Live

It is a website that offers your audience more than information. It’s the root of all your online activity. Instead using sites that you can’t control, bring everything under your website domain.

Category: Stream Live

Prosper Suite does not offer hosting. You will need a place to put your website. We recommend Siteground. They are highly rated and affordable.

Category: Stream Live

1) Their support is excellent

2) Unlimited email addresses

3) Free SSL certificates (the s in https://)

4) Includes a lot of features other charge as add-ons

5) So many other reasons

Category: Stream Live

You will receive Stream Live platform updates for as long as your subscription is active. You can cancel and keep using the platform. Your license does not expire.

Category: Stream Live

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