Before contacting support, please read our FAQs and the information below.

If your question concerns a third-party plugin, third-party service, or hosting, please contact these providers.

We recommended Siteground for their support team that can help with most issues. For issues that Siteground or your hosting provider cannot fix and it is a WordPress issue not covered by one of the above, we recommend WP Fix It to assist you. Our support team is not big enough to support customizations made to your website, as there are millions of possibilities.

WP Fit It provides several WordPress support services, including speed service; tune ups; check ups; malware removal; issues related to platform, theme, or plugin; SEO repair audit; GDPR service; and general support.

If this issue is related to our product as it arrived to you out of the box, then please use the support form below.

If this issue is related directly to one of our plugins or you want to report a bug, please choose that option below.

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