Full-Spectrum Practice Digital Marketing Protocol

Other digital agencies offer broad-spectrum solutions for acute issues.

Prosper Suite considers root causes in our individualized and full-spectrum practice digital marketing protocol.

‚ÄčSynergistic Elements to Boost Appointments

Full-spectrum clinic digital marketing

Nine Active Ingredients of Digital Marketing

The practice website sits at the nucleus of all digital marketing activities to promote sustainable marketing that produces a recurring client-base. All the other active ingredients have counterparts that help push new leads through the website and into booking an appointment.

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Emails
  • Reviews
  • SEO
  • Expert Content
  • Landing Pages
  • Word of Mouth
  • Blogging

Booked calendar & established expert

Several automated strategies

One functional automated sales funnel

Rely on manual referrals & calls

Full-spectrum digital marketing

Individualized Protocols

Broad-spectrum digital marketing plans put band-aids on the practice's acute issues. The biggest problem, which often becomes the practitioner or owner's biggest frustration is that these digital marketing plans are not long-term solutions.

We address each practice individually to account for the practice's overall goals. Nearly every client needs more recurring patients...

However, in non-chronic illness cases, the patient may not need recurring services.

That's where Prosper Suite stands apart from the rest!

We listen and hear your marketing goals, and then we provide a protocol to take you from wilting to prosperity.

As in the path to wellness, miracles do not happen overnight. We are not offering a magic pill that fully-recovers your practice from its underlying problems.

An individualized, step-by-step digital marketing protocol puts your practice on the path to wellness, sustainability, and prosperity.

Case Study

Wilting to Multiculture in 18 Months

  • Goals: Grow Globally and increase monthly Passive Revenues
  • Individualized Plan
  • Focused on Expert Content & SEO
  • Two Primary Opt-in Forms
  • Strategic Facebook Advertising
  • Streamlined Office with a Custom Website & Back-end Office
  • Invite Only ecommerce
  • Results
  • Global Reach Increased 48%
  • Lifetime Value New Patients Acquired with Digital Marketing: > $11,000
  • Passive Income: $5,000/mo (Invite Only ecommerce)

Our client is extremely excited about the results and we're adding three more years to the agreement.

Prosper Suite's Health and Wellness practice Protocol

Integrative Clinic Digital Marketing Protocol

Growing a recurring client-base isn't a mystery: it's a process that starts at the nucleus...

Take your practice from wilting to prosperity...

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