Prosper Help Kit

We have tried almost every business and tech tool out there, running our business or testing out what will work best for our clients. These are the top 3 tools that have worked for us and our clients.

An integrated workspace that’s simple to use, Google Workspace lets you spend less time managing your work and more time doing it.

Includes collaboration tools Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms.

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Slack is a searchable IM tool. It makes on-going conversations much more manageable to contain than e-mail by separating projects into threads.

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Zoom became the go-to webinar and video meeting software when we all went remote. It’s best not to go against the grain unless your business is a competitor.

Save yourself the headache of showing your client how to use new software and just what they already know.

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Suppose you need to set-up a business entity in an American State. In that case, zenbusiness can file for you as you organize the day-to-day.

They file your business documents with the State. They can acquire an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Registered Agent if needed. Once it’s confirmed, your documents will be available in your dashboard.

Starting at $5/task

Biz Advisers

And Co is a suite of freelancer tools, so it covers the business basics. The free plan is for one client and standard contracts.

You will need to upgrade if you have multiple clients or need to customize your proposals, invoices, contracts, expense and time tracking, and payments.

Scoro is an all-in-one business software with full functionality. Features range from project management, sales and CRM, to finances.

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Fiverr is a freelancer marketplace, so the person offering the services. There is an extensive range of skills offered, as well as their quality.

Make sure to review portfolios when you are choosing someone to confirm their quality of past work. As always, there is a balance between budget and outcome. However, it is a great place to start to find help with particular tasks.

Magic has college-trained taskers to help you on-call. They can cover various tasks, from arranging dinner reservations to marketing projects.

It’s a good in-between step from needing to find a person for every task to hiring a part-time. You pay per hour and can organize with your other tools, including Slack and Salesforce.

Starting at $5/task


If you need a regular staff member but aren’t ready to take on an employee, Boldy offers subscription-based staffing.

Continuously finding staff to do regular tasks can eventually take your focus away from your core business and cost you money. But, maybe you aren’t ready to bring on an employee along with the legal obligations.

Boldy offers subscription-based staffing. As a legitimate staffing company, staffers are skilled and employed by Boldy. This option can be a great stepping stone between finding one type of task freelancers and your own employee.

Starting at $1350/mo

Starting at $60/hr

Starting at $20


When it comes to website development, keep in mind that Fiverr has an extensive range of work quality. Yes, you might get lucky and find a great developer for a low rate. But, more likely than not, you will spend more money and time trying to find them than you will by hiring someone at a website developer’s rate.

So what should you use the general (not pro) service providers for? When you need help with a specific task or error on your website. If you don’t need a team or have long-term goals, finding someone to fix an immediate need can do the trick.


Toptal is an elite network of top developers with a 3% acceptance rate.

Their white-glove matching service ensures that you only interview vetted developers who are hand-selected according to your project needs.

1. Tell them what developer(s) you need.
2. They will find you the perfect match.
3. They become a part of your team.

You can hire the best rapidly and with confidence with the expertise of a staffing company.

If you need a team or agency, Clutch in the UK is an easy to navigate directory. You can find firms that specialize in the platform or skill you are looking for.


If you plan to outsource a lot of work to Fiverr, consider organizing the projects in Fiverr Business. Only using the inbox without communicating with your employees can get messy fast. Plus, you will have access to a curated list of freelancers.

The free version of ClickUp includes task management and unlimited members, so you can use it to organize freelancers. 

Once you are ready, you can upgrade for $5/seat/mo to get full functionality with finance, sales, HR, marketing, and development. It also has a lot of integrations, including Google, Dropbox, and Zoom.

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Coffee Shop

Monday integrates with your daily tools, Zapier, to even Adobe Creative Cloud. Set-up your virtual meeting rooms by linking the Zoom recording on the team meeting board.

The planning, organization, and communication tools are comprehensive and should cover most of your needs.

Starting at $39/mo

Meeting Room

SEO is precise and forever changing as search engines change their algorithms and methods. SEMrush’s SEO tools help break down research into bite-sized steps that you can implement into your blogging to-do list.

Before you begin, it’s easier to review some of their free courses on SEMrush Academy to get the latest overview of SEO best practices.

Many of the courses are geared toward fiction writers. Still, their nonfiction and general courses are a great way to learn the basics of building your credibility by writing a book and generating buzz and leads from it for your business.

‘Growing Your Influence as a Nonfiction Author’ and ‘How to Get Your Book Covered by Mainstream Media’ are two great places to start.

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If you want to jump in and learn a specific skill so you will not need to continuously outsource it, learn from Fiverr courses range from the specific ‘Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert Visitors’ Into Buyers’ to more the general ‘Paid Advertising: Social And Search.’

Top Fiverr creators teach the smaller courses. Whereas the more extensive courses typically include a panel of industry leaders to cover all of the subject points.

Starting at $20

Trade School