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$294.00 $147.00 / year

Membership-based website platform to affordably live stream your yoga classes. Quickly and easily set-up your live streaming yoga classes. Includes payments for membership and per class!

License: Single Site. Serial Key Required to Complete Installation.


Stream Live: Protect your content behind a paid wall

Stream Live is an entire website platform with everything you need to stream live while protecting your live stream class.

There are two user levels to separate your one-time class buyers from your monthly members. Add bonus perks and hidden content for members only.

Access to the live class page requires a user to log in and provide an access code. The access code can be different for each class, while also providing a monthly membership only access code.

Restricted access for all logged-in users. Accounts can only login from two devices. You can change the number of devices to fit your audience.

Take Payments: Integrates with Stripe and PayPal

Lightweight membership website platform built on WordPress and integrated with Stripe and PayPal to process credit cards.

Provide memberships through Stripe* (credit cards, Apple Pay, Alipay, and Bitcoin) and sell one-off classes with Stripe, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Square, and more.

The fully-integrated class calendar can convert to in-person classes when your studio re-opens. Stream Live was built for the current global circumstance but prepares your business for the future.

*Memberships are set-up through Stripe API. PayPal for memberships needs additional configuration and settings.

Use Exsisting Systems: Integrates with Zoom and More

Integrates with any live streaming service that provides an embed code or direct link, including Zoom and Google Meet.

Pre-Installed Integrations and Tools:

Video Conferencing for Zoom API

Mailchimp for WooCommerce

Facebook for WooCommerce

Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization

Install the Facebook pixel, upload your online store catalog, and create a shop on your Facebook page, enabling you to run dynamic ads smoothly.

Other Possible Integrations:

MindBody, Acuity, Momoyoga, and much more!

View the Demo

The demo is exactly the website you will receive. No tricks. (Note: the demo notice and bar at the bottom are not in your package.) Add your business details, change the photos, update the colors — and the website is ready for your first class! After purchase, the website is yours to change, alter, and make your own. All you need is hosting, a payment gateway (Stripe, PayPal, etc.), and streaming service. View the demo here.


YES! It is your platform. Just make sure to read the documentation before changing the theme.

Category: Stream Live

Stream Live does not have courseware pre-installed. You can sell video downloads through Stream Live, but to drip course content or have online classes you need to add plugins to your Stream Live platform.

Category: Stream Live

Yes, you will need to your own domain to use Stream Live.

Category: Stream Live

It’s how you accept payment. Examples: Stripe, PayPal, Square, etc. are payment gateways.

Category: Stream Live

It is a website that offers your audience more than information. It’s the root of all your online activity. Instead using sites that you can’t control, bring everything under your website domain.

Category: Stream Live

Prosper Suite does not offer hosting. You will need a place to put your website. We recommend Siteground. They are highly rated and affordable.

Category: Stream Live

1) Their support is excellent

2) Unlimited email addresses

3) Free SSL certificates (the s in https://)

4) Includes a lot of features other charge as add-ons

5) So many other reasons

Category: Stream Live

You will receive Stream Live platform updates for as long as your subscription is active. You can cancel and keep using the platform. Your license does not expire.

Category: Stream Live

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