Starter Monitor Bundle

Six Months FREE Website Hosting Plus Two Months FREE Maintenance For 12 Months $50.75/month

Prosper Hosting WP Starter Website & Monitor Maintenance. Add professional email accounts and monitoring to track your starter website.

Benefits of adding a maintenance plan to your website:
3 Professional email accounts for email apps
Monthly Cloud-based website back-ups
Monthly Performance updates
Monthly Security checks


Starter Monitor Bundle

Save every year with a Prosper Suite bundle.

$690 the first year | Six months free website hosting and two months free maintenance

$890 per year thereafter | Two months free website hosting and two months free maintenance


What You Get:

– 3 professional email accounts for use in email app or webmail
– Monthly cloud backups
– Google Analytics integration
– Monthly backend performance updates
– Monthly security checks for malware, blacklists, errors

WordPress Website Maintenance
Monitor Maintenance

Prosper Hosting Starter Website

Simple and quick solution for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to grow their website over time but need to quickly launch a website. Buy one year of hosting and get the power of WordPress with the simplicity of an app.

What You Get:

– One-year website hosting
– One FREE SSL certificate to secure your site
– One FREE WordPress installation and set-up
– Four FREE professionally designed and responsive Prosper Suite business homepage templates
– FREE Prosper Suite Admin and Dashboard
– One FREE professional email address with webmail

Stupid Simple WordPress WebsiteProsper Hosting WP Starter Website


Why do I need more than one page for my website?

You might only need one page for your website. It depends on your business goals. Prosper Hosting and Prosper Suite on the WordPress platform is ready to grow with you when you are ready.

How do I update my website?

You can quickly update your Prosper Suite homepage template with a few clicks.

What if I need more than a homepage?

You have the power of the WordPress and Elementor drag and drop editors to create new pages. You have complete control over the features, functions, and elements you want and need on your website. 

The Help button in your website’s Admin Bar can guide you to services that may fit your needs.

Does the hosting include email?

Yes. We include 1 free email account with your domain name that will forward to another email address of your choice. The maintenance plans include email addresses for email apps.

Can I blog or add more pages?

Yes. You have full access to the powerful features of WordPress. You can add over 52,000 functions and features including a blog, e-commerce, more pages, and much more.

Why should I choose Prosper Suite over other drag and drop editors?

Prosper Suite Admin is not a drag and drop editor. It integrates with the frontend editor, making website updates easier if you find technology intimidating or are not a designer. The Prosper Suite Dashboard and Admin work with all drag and drop editors and native WordPress.

Why should I choose your hosting?

We have extremely fast, reliable, and comprehensive solutions made for WordPress websites built on top of the Google Cloud platform.

Our carbon-neutral data centers automatically update and deploy the latest versions and patches related to our server firewall exploits.

Please take advantage of our rare hosting that includes WordPress installation as well as our unique Starter Website bundle to create a real, functional site within a week.


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