Prosper Hosting WP Starter Website: One year of website hosting & stupid simple WordPress manager

Get 6 months FREE. Pay $300 now.

No other website platform can get you to your online goals faster than WordPress. No other website editor for WordPress is as stupid simple as Prosper Suite.

Benefits of building your website:
Build more customer trust and confidence
Increase recognition of your company name
Complement and extend your business website
Get your business found more easily online


Prosper Hosting WP Starter Website

$300 for the first year. Get six months free.
$50/month thereafter paid annually.

Simple and quick solution for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to grow their website over time but need to quickly launch a website. Buy one year of hosting and get the power of WordPress with the simplicity of an app.

What You Get:

– One-year website hosting
– One FREE SSL certificate to secure your site
– One FREE WordPress installation and set-up
– FREE Prosper Suite Admin and Dashboard
– One FREE professional email address with webmail
– Four FREE professionally designed and responsive Prosper Suite business homepage templates

WordPress Website Maintenance
Add maintenance to safeguard your asset

Get 6 months FREE. Pay $300 now.Sign up now

Prosper Hosting WP Starter Website FAQ

Why Do I Need More Than One Page For My Website?

You might only need one page for your website. It depends on your business goals. Prosper Hosting and Prosper Suite on the WordPress platform is ready to grow with you when you are ready.

How Do I Update My Website?

You can quickly update your Prosper Suite homepage template with a few clicks.

What If I Need More Than A Homepage?

You have the power of the WordPress and Elementor drag and drop editors to create new pages. You have complete control over the features, functions, and elements you want and need on your website. 

The Help button in your website’s Admin Bar can guide you to services that may fit your needs.

Does The Hosting Include Email?

Yes. We include 1 free email account with your domain name that will forward to another email address of your choice. The maintenance plans include email addresses for email apps.

Can I blog or add more pages?

Yes. You have full access to the powerful features of WordPress. You can add over 52,000 functions and features including a blog, e-commerce, more pages, and much more.

Why should I choose Prosper Suite over other drag and drop editors?

Prosper Suite Admin is not a drag and drop editor. It integrates with the frontend editor, making website updates easier if you find technology intimidating or are not a designer. The Prosper Suite Dashboard and Admin work with all drag and drop editors and native WordPress.

Why Should I Choose Your Hosting?

We have extremely fast, reliable, and comprehensive solutions made for WordPress websites built on top of the Google Cloud platform.

Our carbon-neutral data centers automatically update and deploy the latest versions and patches related to our server firewall exploits.

Please take advantage of our rare hosting that includes WordPress installation as well as our unique Starter Website bundle to create a real, functional site within a week.


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Four Business Homepage Templates, One Professional Email Address, One SSL Certificate, Premium WordPress Hosting, Prosper Suite Admin and Dashboard, Prosper Suite Starter Admin, WordPress Installation and Set-up


Prosper Hosting


We require an annual purchase paid in advance for all special prices to apply. Special prices are applicable for your first purchase of the item. All subsequent renewals apply regular prices.


  1. L McT (verified owner)

    Prosper Suite helped me continue classes after COVID closed the studio. I quickly put up a website to tell my clients where to find my online classes. I’m excited about how far I’ve come in the last few months! Sarah C., Yoga Instructor

  2. L McT (verified owner)

    Every week, I had people lined around the farmer’s market for my artisanal tamales. With the market closed, I needed my brand and phone number readily available for orders. I also now ship across the country! That was an exciting surprise. Leticia B., Gourmet Tamales

  3. L McT (verified owner)

    I wanted a simple website with my professional license, a way to blog and update my regular hours. Prosper Suite delivered. I can work on the site in my truck between calls. Bill W., Locksmith

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