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Twitter marketing takes too much time to do it right! How can we find time to do Twitter marketing, so that it is effective?

Over 500 students worldwide!

The Complete Twitter Strategy for Busy People shows you how to automate content curation and gives you a daily schedule to stay on top of your marketing, without losing hours of your time.

We know that without the right framework, schedule, and automation managing a successful Twitter marketing strategy becomes a full-time job. Our course is what you need to produce a productive and winning strategy. 

Course Highlights


  • Curate content​
  • Competitive research
  • Strategy management


  • Strategy schedule
  • Tweet schedule
  • Tweet formulas


  • Curate Content
  • Tweet posting
  • Bonus tips


Downloadable Workbook to help you keep track of everything you learn, including the strategy, schedules, and bonus tips.

"Strategy will become more essential"
according to Twitter Business Blog

A Tweets lifecycle lasts 2.8 hours. 80% of your Tweets should be sharing other content and information.

That's a lot of Tweets and resources required to produce enough content to talk about your own business. It's why many people give up and believe Twitter doesn't work.

We have removed the painstaking tasks and replaced them with simplified methods that make managing your Twitter marketing easier and more effective.

This is not a course on how to write about and market your business on Twitter. This course covers nearly everything else that you need for a successful strategy:


  • Content curation
  • Competitor research
  • Simplified strategy management
  • Tweet automation
  • Tweet and strategy schedule
  • Tip to turn social shares into website visitors

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What our students & clients are saying:


Clear and Concise

Strategy that should work if we stick to it.

  • Valuable information
  • Clear explanations
  • Engaging delivery
  • Helpful practice activities
  • Accurate course description
  • Knowledgeable instructor

Udemy //  Verified Student


Considered an expert in my field

I am known as an expert in my field because of the Twitter strategy Prosper Suite taught me a decade ago. Everything they teach is a real strategy that outlasts trends. Because of my Twitter account I've been featured in a national commercial, interviewed in international magazines, and consistently featured as an expert in my field.

Prosper Suite  //  Verified Client

Who is This Course For?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Consultants
  • Small Marketing Teams
  • Jr. Marketers
  • Non-Profits
  • Teachers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Attorneys

Course Content

All Skill Levels | Over 500 Students | Language: English | Lectures: 20+
Available on iOS and Android



Start Here. Why you need this course & what your will learn. 


Workbook. Over 30 pages guiding you to a successful Twitter strategy.


What You Need. An overview of the apps used in this strategy. 



Framework Tools. The apps to organize the framework. 


Shareable Content. How and where to find 90% of your content.


Engagement. How to manage and effectively track prospects. 


Research. Key questions to answer to implement your framework.


Sources. Who you need and kinds of content to resource. 


Find Your Sources. Where to find information provided by sources.


Hashtags. How to research and discover the best hashtags.


Private Lists. How to manage your Twitter account follows.


Calendar. Set up the calendars needed to execute the strategy.


Notebooks. Organize all of your sources, engagement, and follows.



Strategy Tools. The apps needed to manage the strategy. 


Strategy Schedule. A daily schedule to execute the strategy.


Tweet Schedule. An initial schedule based on research.


Tweet Formulas. Successful Tweets follow formulas.


Evergreen Content. How to organize reusable content.



Automation Tools. The apps to automate the complete strategy.


Calendar. Scheduling your Tweets for automation.


Bulk Upload. How to bulk upload Tweets to the calendar. 


Link CTA. A tip to use on shareable content with your CTA.


Activate Services. Before automation you must activate.


Automate. Automate the framework and strategy.



Bulk Upload Template


Quick & Helpful Links.


Holiday Events.

COLBY A. WALKER  //  Instructor

A diverse expert in digital technologies and methods, Colby worked at the forefront of joining the relationship between traditional media and new media (web-based media). He helped reshaped strategies for Fortune 500 companies like Sprint, Gatorade, Pepsi, FOX TV Studios, MTV, and Toyota.

He left entertainment to help small business owners with their technical needs. Colby’s clients included: artisans, authors, healthcare professionals, high-end automotive repair, interior designers, service companies, speakers, and locally driven brick-and-mortar stores.

"From all of us here at udemy, thank you for being such an amazing instructor! We’ve been continually impressed by your expertise and inspired by your passion for teaching the world."
– the udemy Instructor Team

Join Over 600 Happy Students & Clients



The videos and homework were as straightforward as I needed them to be. I still need to finish up all of my prep work, but it seems doable.

Udemy  //  Verified Student


Three companies and all have successful Twitter Marketing

Initially, I hired Prosper Suite as my personal consultant to build my brand. I watched as my Twitter account soared. I became Top 5 for a major hashtag and generate hundreds of leads a week. I've since changed my business and expanded it because of the Prosper Suite methods.

Prosper Suite  //  Verified Client


Expanded Our Readership

Our magazine was known as a "small town magazine," but we wanted to grow it into our nearby metro area. Using the Prosper Suite strategy we were successful in growing our readership and advertising base. We are no longer considered a small town magazine.

Prosper Suite  //  Verified Client


Clear and Concise

Great know to how .. Rather the hands on too ...

Udemy  //  Verified Student


I like your thinking

I haven't seen [Evernote] used in a social media strategy before.

Udemy  //  Verified Student

The Best Time to Start Doing Twitter Right is Right Now!

Our course shows you the framework we have used to help our clients build their Twitter marketing. Our schedules give you the base for launching your strategy. Then the automation does most of the work for you, so you can focus on the elements that make a difference on Twitter -- Engagement!


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Colby A. Walker

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