Most boutique or small practice owners do not have a design or coding background.

Why should I hire a website designer and website developer to build my business website on WordPress?

A boutique or small practice owner only has so many hours in a day. Those hours should be focused on the business and not learning a new skill. Building your website can seem easy. Still, people quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of work and details that it entails. There are plenty of WordPress themes available.

Picking a theme based on a design that represents your business is only the first step to a full website build. A lot of themes do not install precisely the way the demo appears, which means that the builder will require theme documentation. Sadly, most themes document are underwhelmingly helpful. Additionally, most of the time, it is difficult to know if the theme is compatible with the functions your business needs on the website.

WordPress Builders with Themes

If you want to maintain your website after it is designed, consider starting with a drag-and-drop builder. A top choice is Elementor. A front-end editor that offers enough design features to create a beautiful website. Choose a freelancer who specializes in the drag-and-drop builder of your choice. Making sure to build your website with the software you want to use will save you time in the long run, particularly if it is user-friendly for your staff to maintain your website.

When It’s Time to Ask for Help

Typically, business owners who attempt a self-build end up with an unfinished project that they need to hire someone to finish or are disappointed with the results. Why? Websites take time to build, stealing time from other aspects of a business. Learning to build a website is a commitment to learning a new skill, which can be counterproductive — also knowing what and where to put information on a website can be challenging without experience.

Business owners should feel empowered by their ability to update their website. However, when things go wrong… they should have a dependable web team to fix it. Our favorite company for a website maintenance time and one-time help is WP Fix It.



Pre-made WP Platforms

Getting the website functions you need can be the most time-consuming part of creating a website. It is also the most important and least flexible. The quickest way to get your website up and running is to purchase a pre-made WP Platform.

Stream Live’s platforms include all of the functionality you need to manage memberships, sell your classes, and protect your live streaming content. Once your website is live, you can always hire a freelance designer to tweak a custom design if you desire.

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