Google and other search engines use Schema types to organize information.

What is the Schema type for my business in Google Maps?

Choosing a Schema type adds your business to local search engine results, including Google Maps. For instance, an Integrative Doctor should list their business as ‘Local Business - Medical.’

When a person searches Google for an integrative doctor near them, the search results will include the new website listing and business*.

There are 25 Schema business type categories for a local business. Choose the best match for your business. The goal is to get as close as possible and represent the products and services of the business. For example, yoga and pilates studios are either ‘Health and Beauty’ or 'Sports Activity Location' depending on the focus of the studio and the type of client they want to attract.

*Included in the results means the Integrative Doctor could be listed as the 1,000th result. Additional Local SEO work is required to reach the top of the results. Our team offers Local SEO services to our Prosper Suite members.

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