Every website will inevitably error or go down without warning.

What Is A Website Maintenance Plan?

Websites need consistent maintenance, similar to cars. You can buy a new car and never take it to the mechanic for check-ups, but one day it will stop working. Most of us know to take our vehicle for an oil change and check-up to make sure everything is healthy. Websites also need check-ups for function and security.

Outside companies support many pieces within a website. When apps update, they do not always continue working with the other parts of your websites. This can cause your website to stop working.

What if this happens during your Black Friday sale? Or right when your expensive print ad goes to press? Your next step will be to hire a developer to fix it. It can take days or weeks to hire someone, even if you are using ‘quick’ hiring platforms like Craigslist or Fiverr.

The best bet is to find a company that can diagnose and fix the issue quickly. Our favorite is WP Fix It. They specialize in WordPress websites and offer a plugin so they can promptly navigate into your website to find the issue.


$ 34.00 / Month

  • WordPress Support 1 WP TICKET – Submit 1 ticket each month for 1 website.
  • WordPress Support Full Website Daily Backup – We will backup all your website files and your database.
  • WordPress Support WordPress Core Update When Needed – Keep the main platform running smoothly by keeping it up to date.
  • WordPress Support Monthly Plugin Updates – We will perform all your plugin updates properly and effectively.

Read more about the keep it safe plan here.

If you aren’t sure you will want on-going help, WP Fix It also offers a tune up service, one-time help tickets, and specific fixes.


$ 47.00

Make sure your website is running correctly.

  • WordPress Support Complete All Site Updates
  • WordPress Support Detailed Plugin Audit
  • WordPress Support Site Speed Research
  • WordPress Support Backup/Restore System
  • WordPress Support Site Security Audit
  • WordPress Support Full Tune Up Report

Read more about the tune up service here.

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