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Stream Live is a platform built on WordPress with no-need to upgrade the theme or plugins. Prosper Suite customized the platform with proprietary functions to add a lightweight membership and additional features.

Some features require the use of shortcodes as described by their maker.

The following documentation publically shares some plugins used to make the platform. Specialty plugins and Prosper Suite customizations require purchasing a Stream Live platform for additional explanation.

All Stream Live platforms require you to have hosting, a payment gateway, and live-streaming video service.


Prosper Suite does not provide hosting for your WordPress-based Stream Live Yoga platform.

We recommend Siteground for hosting. They are a highly-rated website host that includes a lot of additional features that other hosting companies charge as an add-on.

Additionally, their support service is excellent, and they offer a website transfer service that you should be able to use to install your Stream Live Yoga package. We cannot guarantee that they will or what they will require you to do beforehand, but when we asked, they said it was possible.

Payment Gateway

All Stream Live platforms include WooCommerce, which offers several payment gateway options: Stripe, PayPal, Square, Amazon Pay, etc.

The Membership option in the Stream Live platform requires a Stripe account to process the recurring payments.

Other products can use different payment options, or you can purchase a plugin that will allow for other payment options.

Sell Stream Live classes with any WooCommerce payment gateway.

Live Streaming Video

Stream Live allows you to select nearly any live-stream platform. The protected live class page provides for either an embed or redirection link. This flexibility enables you to change your live-stream platform at any time or use a combination of several platforms.


There are two important parts to your Stream Live order:

  • Installation package (.zip file)
  • License key

The installation package is available for download from your confirmation email and on your account page. Click Downloads to view the download button.

dowload link

Complete installation by following these 5 steps:


The .zip file contains two files: an installer file and the entire WordPress platform.

Upload the .zip file to your website root folder.

Unzip the file.


Your website is LIVE and ready for your details!

First, you will want to input your Stream Live license to activate the majority of the website's functions.

PS Stream It Yoga

Your license key is available in your confirmation email and on your account page. Click Orders to view License Keys.

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Stream Live


Read the instructions for the Stream Live Yoga platform.

If you purchased Stream Live and cannot see the additional information below, please log in and return to this page to reveal it.

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