WordPress has multiple drag-and-drop editor plugins to choose from.

Is WordPress as easy to use as other website builders like Squarespace, Wix, and iMatrix?

Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify are easy to use website builders. Small business owners often start their first website on one of these platforms. They are ideal for building a quick one-page brochure website.

The problem comes when the business is ready for its website to drive more marketing or perform more robust functions like scheduling and e-commerce. The platforms are limited in their selling and marketing abilities. To add a store, you must upgrade to the top tier on Squarespace. Marketing tools are minimal and harder to integrate.

Another issue is that websites often have little glitches, which are universal and inevitable. Other platforms are well-designed but do not give users access to internal code. The lack of access is on purpose to prevent you from leaving the service, but it also inhibits your ability to fix the problem. The only way to fix it is to build your website again from scratch. WordPress is different because it provides access to all code as well as the ability to save your website so you can restore it if the inevitable glitch happens.

WordPress is now a flexible website builder, but it began as a blogging platform. It is open-source, so website developers and designers are continually improving the platform. Owning your website's content is crucial, as is having marketing tools to promote your website and business.

WordPress Pros

1. Thousands of themes to choose from
2. Fully adjustable design
3. Customize the responsive design for desktop, tablet, and mobile
4. Apps (plugins) to add almost any function to your website
5. Video, image, and slideshows
6. Full marketing capabilities
7. Collect information with forms
8. Complete access to on-page SEO
9. Whole eCommerce experience
10. Every payment system available; PayPal to credit card processing
11. Secure your website from brute force attacks
12. Own your website and code
13. Backup your website and quickly restore

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