Google Maps is one of the most common ways for customers to find a business.

How Do I Get a Google API Key for Google Maps?

Every website needs a unique Google Map API key to display a Google Map.

1. Go to the Google Cloud Platform Console

2. Create or select a project by clicking the project drop-down button

3. Choose APIs and Services > Credentials in the menu button

4. Click Create credentials > API key on the Credentials page

5. The dialog displays your newly created API key

6. Restrict the API key

7. Click the icon to copy the API key

8. Close (To find your API key in the future, go to the Credentials page under API keys)

9. Return to your website

10. Paste your API key into Google Maps API Key in your business profile with your account

11. Save (Wait 1 hour for the API key to take effect on your website)

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