Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to how we make WordPress simple for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups.

Simple WordPress Website FAQs

We want you to get your business started! We bundled our best Starter Website plan to allow you to grow fast with the power of WordPress!

Pay only 50% for one year of premium WordPress hosting (value $600/year)

One FREE SSL certificate. Search engines require secure browsing for ranking (value $30/year)

One FREE WordPress installation and set-up including security (value $530)

Three FREE professionally designed and responsive Prosper Suite business homepage templates (value $58)

FREE Prosper Suite Admin and Dashboard (value $150/year)

FREE Prosper Suite Starter Admin to easily manage the website (value $60/year)

One FREE professional email address that forwards to your email 
(value $44/year)

$1,472 value for $600/year ONLY $300 for the first year! Get 6 months free.

Your website will be hosted for 365 days from the time of purchase. Your account is set to automatically renew. Log into your account for additional details.

As long as you remain on the Starter Website plan, you will only pay for hosting.

$764 value for $480/year ($40/month).

You save 42% every year you're a registered customer.

PS Pages, Maintenance, and Support plans are separate from the website hosting plans. These options become available to you in your account dashboard and through the Help button on your website.

You can quickly update your Prosper Suite homepage template from any device using Prosper Suite Admin and PS Pages - Homepage, which are included in your initial order.

Additionally, you have full access to WordPress. You can use the included drag and drop editor or WordPress' editor to create new pages.

You have the power of the WordPress and Elementor drag and drop editors. You have complete control over the features, functions, and elements you want and need on your website.

The Help button in your website's Admin Bar can guide you to services that may fit your needs.

Yes. We include 1 free email account with your domain name that will forward to another email address of your choice.

If you need additional email addresses, there are options available in your Prosper Suite Dashboard after your initial purchase.

Yes. You have full access to the powerful features of WordPress. You can start a blog or add more pages and functions.

If you want additional Prosper Pages, you can upgrade after your initial purchase. Go to the Help button in your website's Admin Bar or your Prosper Suite Dashboard.

If you find technology intimidating or are not a designer, Prosper Suite is a perfect add-on tool. The Prosper Suite Dashboard and Admin work with all drag and drop editors and native WordPress.

We chose Elementor because it is free and has fantastic extensions and Pro upgrade options.

We have extremely fast, reliable, and comprehensive solutions made for WordPress websites built on top of the Google Cloud platform.

Our carbon-neutral data centers automatically update and deploy the latest versions and patches related to our server firewall exploits.

Please take advantage of our rare hosting that includes WordPress installation as well as our unique Starter Website bundle to create a real, functional site within a week.