Encourage your customers to help with your business' marketing. Your digital marketing materials, including your website and social platforms, should include trust signals. The most influential trust signal for a potential customer is a customer review.

Keep in mind genuine reviews are always best. You never want to demand a good review. It is off-putting to the person you are asking and it will result in unbelievable reviews. 

Customer reviews can also provide the information you might not have considered or been unable to attain. For instance, it is helpful for a curvy woman to know if a boutique sells clothes that would fit her well. Who would know this best? A previous customer who had the same question and already discovered the answer! While it may seem discouraging if a reviewer says your boutique's clothing is not fit for a curvier woman. It is helpful information for a tall woman if the review says the clothes tend on the longer side. Even bad reviews improve customer conversion rates!

Google Reviews are beneficial for your local SEO and often the first place a customer will find your business.

Make it easy for your customers to give your business a Google review by laying it out step-by-step for them. Below we have included instructions you can swipe or modify for your own use.

Google Review Instructions for Your Customers

You want customers to choose your product or service because it is the right fit for them. Your offering can be superb, but if it is not right for the customer they will see it as faulty. You want customers who love your product, so reviews are a good way to let potential customers mitigate their personal risk.

Please Write a Google Review for BUSINESS NAME

(takes ~3 minutes)

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Mobile Google Review Instructions for Your Customers

Make sure to allow customers the option to leave a review on any device they are on.

Please Write a Mobile Google review for BUSINESS NAME (takes ~3 minutes)

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Ask Your Customers

Set a system in place so you consistently ask your customers for reviews. Consider building your ask into an email campaign so you can track who and when you are asking. The best time is when the customer's experience is still fresh. They will be more motivated to share their experience and able to describe helpful details. Learn more about how to automate email campaigns with Mautic here.

Incentivize Your Ask

If you are unable to get as many reviews as you need, you can consider incentivizing it. Remember not to pay for the review, but you can offer a giveaway. We recommend to make it easy on yourself and use Amazon Giveaways. You choose the item to giveaway and only pay for the item itself. Amazon handles the rest, including shipping the item to the winner.

Simply find a product you want to use and find it on Amazon. Go to the product page and scroll past the customer and reviews to find the Set Up an Amazon Giveaway section. Click the button to start the process. You can also learn more about giveaways here.

Improve Your Local SEO

However you go about asking for Google Reviews, keep in mind you want to keep the process simple. It should become a routine process for you. Do not be dismayed if you don't get reviews right away, as the key to Local SEO is consistency and genuine responses. 

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