We guide health and wellness practices to Consistently Booked Appointments

Growing a recurring client base isn’t a mystery: it’s a process with steps that can be broken down into bite-sized pieces and achieved!

Ready to Achieve More Reliable Income?

Hire a Virtual Digital Marketing Officer

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Three Phases to Practice Prosperity

Prosper Suite's proprietary three-phase protocol focuses your practice on revenue-generating pillars.


​Profit Pillars

Every successful online campaign focuses on one pillar

Discover what makes you stand apart


Perpetual Client Pipeline

Marketing a practice's pillar drives a consistent client list

Attract the clients who need you


Bonding & Elevated Approach

Amplify the practice's pillar with strategic promotion and plans

Help clients find and trust you

How Healthy is Your Practice?

Prosper Suite's proprietary protocol builds the practice until it reaches the desired recurring revenues.

Booked calendar & established expert

Several automated strategies

One functional automated sales funnel

Rely on manual referrals & calls

Full-Spectrum Marketing

Where Do You Want To Begin?


Website Design & Development

A Practice's Website Is The Nucleus Of Its Marketing


Search Engine Optimization

Book More Local Appointments With A Local SEO Strategy

Saved Me

I hired a company to do my website. After they gave me a semi-customized template, they told me that they don't build websites. I felt defeated. After talking to a colleague, they recommended Prosper Suite. Since then, they helped me evolve my digital marketing enabling me to grow the clinic.


Prosper Suite was recommended to me after the first guy I hired ghosted me. I was trying to build this company in my spare time to replace my full-time job. Prosper helped me slowly build my site out and added features I needed as my business model changed. I can't thank these guys enough for how they helped me scale.


Oh, thank you! I'm an older woman who does not understand technology. My business depends on my website and has boosted my recurring clients. Prosper Suite has been so nice. They try to explain so I can understand. I've accepted that they are the experts and are always professional.

Dr. JAD Director
Dane Founder
Ellen Owner

Our Purpose

We help health and wellness practices to support the whole-health movement. We donate a portion of our revenues to support environmental and medical-access charities that spend the majority of donations on service... and not ornate overhead and fundraising events.

Medical Access for All

Our main focus is on helping to provide medical access to all.

  • Not limited by insurance
  • Provides help based on need only
  • Nondiscriminatory access

Environmental Sustainability

A safe and clean environment is the first step to provide healthy spaces.

  • No big oil or coal
  • No GMOs
  • Supports true sustainability

What is a Virtual Digital Marketing Officer?

Your Prosper Suite virtual digital marketing officer heads your digital marketing. We hear your business goals and guide you in developing a digital marketing strategy to take your practice to prosperity.

The practice gets the benefit of one person that directs the overall digital strategy - prosperity design, budgeting, market targeting, advertising, social media, email marketing, conversion funnels, search and web optimization, and analytics.

Digital marketing contains several spokes that need to work in tandem to attain the practice's goals. To achieve more reliable income, there needs to be one person that organizes and leads the team.


Virtual Marketing Officer


Virtual Marketing Officer

I create marketing programs for health and wellness practices to build reliable income. Our practices gain more time to focus on empowering and treating their growing client base.

Previously shaped digital strategies for Fortune 500 companies like Sprint, Gatorade, Pepsi, FOX TV Studios, MTV, and Toyota.

Interests: Quantum Medicine, Permaculture, Physiology, Neuroscience, and Herbalism.

Colby Walker

Technical Director

Certificate of Health IT Security Proficiency

A diverse expert in digital technologies and methods, I found my passion for helping small business owners succeed on the internet. My secret skill is identifying technical solutions. 

Colby’s clients included: artisans, authors, healthcare professionals, interior designers, speakers, and locally driven brick-and-mortar stores.

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